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Payroll Management

We provide complete payroll processing services, including the preparation of payroll checks, quarterly/yearly tax returns reporting and accurate W-2 forms.

Payroll processing can be completed through a number of mediums. Call, fax or email your employees’ pay information to us and we can prepare paychecks that include current pay and year-to-date information. We can print your pay checks on blank paper and send them to you for disbursement from your own check register, or we can print the pay checks at our office on checks you provide. In addition, some local clients have us sign and stuff the pay checks into individual envelopes so they can just distribute them to their employees.

Our payroll services keep you abreast of changes in payroll laws, such as changes in the various state unemployment taxable wages, local & state withholding percentages, and workers compensation coverage, etc. We also constantly monitor your tax payment due dates, informing you when they are due and the amount due. You will be set at ease knowing that we will always keep you and your business informed about your timely tax payment and reporting responsibilities.

Payroll tax reporting includes all federal, state and local reports. All reports are professionally prepared and balanced to your actual quarterly & yearly payroll. We also take care of your new hire reporting.

Our payroll services are customized to meet your individual needs. Also, payroll reports can be generated for your analysis and review. These reports are customized so you get the information you need--not the task of sifting through a lot of repetitive data. Our services are timely, so you will never be late for a tax deadline.

Many business owners don’t have time to prepare and perform payroll these days. Our service allows you, as the owner, to be more productive with your business and let us manage and report to you accurate payroll.

Contact us now to find out how reasonable our fees are. You won’t be disappointed!

Useful Links

Department of Labor
This site provides information on wage and hour, employment issues, laws and regulations designed for use by small businesses. The site also provides elaw. Elaw is an interactive program that helps employers & employees comply with employment laws. It gives you advice and additional information on a specific law based on your particular inquiry.

Ohio Department of Job & Family Services
Provides information on filing an unemployment claim, employer tax information, unemployment compensation, wage and hour information including minimum wage, minor labor laws and prevailing wage rates.

Ohio Bureau of Workers Compensation
Provides information on the injured worker and/or employer. Includes application for BWC coverage as a new business in Ohio, employer programs to control costs, literature on safety services and premium rates, among other things.

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